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70% of companies intend to include metaverse in collaborative activities: PWC

More than 60 percent of the business leaders surveyed affirmed that they have a detailed or good understanding of the metaverse, according to a report by PwC India. The poll, which was conducted at the beginning of the year, surveyed roughly 150 respondents from various regions of India, querying their title/role, age group, gender, the industry their company represented, and their company turnover.

” The metaverse opportunity is enormous, and we expect exponential growth because it is relevant across genders, geographies, and generations. Consumers are open to adopting new technologies, and companies are investing heavily in the required infrastructure to leverage the metaverse,”

said Ashootosh Chand, Partner – Digital and Emerging Technologies, PwC India. The article also noted that firms have begun exploring relationships with some of the top figures in the metaverse to investigate economic potential.

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